Emergency Sewer Pond and Wet Well Lining - Phase A / Project No. 2017-09

The work is described generally as:
  • Wet Well at Pump Station 1:
    1. Replace the existing protective coating on the interior surfaces of wet well wall floor, walls and ceiling;
    2. Replace exterior and interior light fixtures;
    3. Rehabilitate other features such as pump suction bells in the wet well;
    4. Replace aluminum grating and existing ladder;
    5. Install new stainless material ladder; and
    6. Modify piping system as needed and replace exposed portion of the drain pipes with ABS material.
  • Diversion Structure:
    1. Remove the south gate;
    2. Replace the west gate and electrical actuator; and
    3. Install protective coatings on the floor and walls above the structure base.
  • Sewer Pipelines:
    1. Upsize existing 12-inch pipe to 15-inch between SSMH #849 and SSMMH#1, located upstream of the diversion structure; and
    2. Cured-in-Place-Pipe (CIPP) rehabilitation of the influent pipe between the diversion structure and the PS#1 wet well.

A copy of the plans, specifications, and bid packet must be obtained from Draftech Blueprinting, Inc., 1544 Terrace Way, Santa Rosa, California 95404, telephone: (707) 578-9442, upon payment of a nonrefundable fee. No bid will be received for consideration unless the bidder has obtained and paid for a copy of the drawings, the specifications, and the bid packet from Draftech Blueprinting Inc. and has listed the bidder’s full name and mailing address with Draftech Blueprinting Inc. as a potential bidder on this project (on the planholder’s list).

Bids Due:
Tuesday, May 15, 2018, at 2:00 PM
130 Avram Avenue, Rohnert Park, CA 94928

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Project Contact:

Vanessa Marin Garrett
Civil Engineer
Development Services
Direct Line: (707) 588-2251
Main Phone: (707) 588-2232
Fax: (707) 794-9242
Email: vgarrett@rpcity.org

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