Spreckels Performing Arts Center



The world premiere of David Templeton’s absorbing, award-winning science-fiction mystery

Sept. 3-19, 2021

Directed by Marty Pistone


It’s 2167, and high above the Earth orbits a vast transport where robot-specialist Dr. Margaret Mailer

conducts sessions with 71,a member of a synthetic support crew once assigned to the deep space

research vessel 
Galatea. A hundred years ago, the ship disappeared with more than a thousand human

passengers on board. Now rescued from an ancient escape shuttle after years of floating in deep cryogenic

sleep, 71 engages with Dr. Mailer in a series of therapy sessions and exercises designed to
 probe her memory

and bring her “human” qualities up-to-date. As she learns what it means to shake hands, make friends, tell jokes

and laugh, 
it becomes clear that 71 is guarding more than a few secrets. Meanwhile, Mailer seeks the answers

to a number 
of questions with vital, world-altering import including what, exactly, happened on the Galatea?

Considerations: Slow-moving images, some adult language

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Noises Off

Noises Off!
By Michael Frayn

Oct. 8-24, 2021
Directed by Sheri Lee Miller

It's time to get back to laughter! 


Widely considered one of the greatest comedies ever written, Noises Off! is a fast-paced, farcical romp through the trials and tribulations of a beleaguered theater troupe touring a production of the equally raucous (and made-up) play, “Nothing On.” As the scene rotates from the disasters on stage to the antics backstage, you are treated to a display of comic timing that will leave you weak from laughter!


"The most dexterously realized comedy ever about putting on a comedy. A spectacularly funny, peerless backstage farce. This dizzy, well-known romp is festival of delirium." - The New York Times

Considerations: Mild sexual situations and innuendo.

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Spreckels Performing Arts Center is a cultural gem strategically located on the Green Music
Center/Sonoma State corridor of Rohnert Park Expressway in 
Rohnert Park.  Now in its thirty-second
year, the Performing Arts Center continues to present award-winning theatre, music and dance. Over
20,000 people a year come through its doors from all over the bay area, making Spreckels not just a
locally attended venue but a facility that entertains the entire region.

For tickets, please call the Spreckels Box Office at 707 588-3400. Our Box Office is open Wed. - Sat.12 - 5pm 
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