Street Maintenance, Signage, and Pavement Markings

Pavement repairs on City streetsSurface Repairs 

Surface repairs are made routinely to the 83 miles of street throughout the City. Potholes are filled with a cold patch material during the rainy season, and a hot mix whenever possible. Badly damaged sections of street are cut out, removed, and repaved to prevent further deterioration. To fill cracks in pavement, an asphaltic sealant is used to reduce the destruction of street surface caused by water seeping into the base material beneath the asphalt. The Streets Division works together with the Water Services Division of Public Works to pave over water leak repair excavation sites, following the completion of underground repairs to the water system.


The Street Maintenance Division of Public Works is responsible for the repair, maintenance, and installation of regulatory, warning, advisory, and street name signs within the City limits. Signs are replaced as a result of fading, vandalism, or traffic accidents. Whenever possible, new signs are made of refurbished aluminum (recycled signs with new sheeting), an environmentally friendly method of dealing with a perpetual area of traffic control maintenance, involving thousands of signs.

Pavement Markings

Crosswalks, STOP legends, center lines, and painted curbs are examples of the types of markings maintained by the Streets Division crew. Maintenance of painted markings occurs annually, along with as-needed replacement of raised pavement markers (road buttons) and thermoplastic markings. Thermoplastic markings are a longer lasting and more durable alternative to painted markings.

Street Sweeping

Recology Sonoma Marin provides weekly street sweeping throughout the City of Rohnert Park. Some streets are designated with "No Parking" signs on street sweeping days. Please observe all posted signs regarding parking. In neighborhoods that do not have posted signs regarding street sweeping, please try to avoid parking on the street on your scheduled sweeping days. This will allow for maximum cleaning of the streets and help keep our City looking as pleasant as possible.  See street sweeping schedule.

Debris Removal

Routine litter collection is conducted along main streets and bike paths. Over 40 trash containers located at bus stops, Park 'n Ride lots, and along creek paths are emptied regularly. Debris in the roadway, such as fallen tree branches, DOA animals, or any other type of debris, are collected by Streets Division personnel and should be reported to the Department of Public Works at (707) 588-3300 immediately.

Shopping Carts

To report abandoned shopping carts, please call the respective store directly. Often, a phone number can be found on the shopping cart handle or seat. Many stores use a cart collection service to retrieve misplaced shopping carts and abandoned carts are collected on a weekly basis.

Alternatively, there is a cart retrieval service for CVS, 99 Cents Only, Food Maxx, Raley’s, Safeway and Target. The service picks up carts and returns them to the stores. This company also works through public requests. If you see any of the 6 stores’ carts around town, please submit a request for pickup at