Medical Technology & Life Sciences

Rohnert Park is Cupertino, 1985. Because while Silicon Valley has exploded, we have the same advantages as the South Bay did 30 years ago. Affordable, beautiful, close to San Francisco. But our food and wine is better.

Working in the medical technology and life sciences in Rohnert Park offers a lifestyle ideal for and affordable to young professional talent with easy access to the Bay Area and beyond.

We are home to Sonoma State University, and some of Sonoma County’s major medical technology and life sciences companies, including LEMO USA and Idex Health and Sciences.

Rohnert Park Project

And we offer plentiful office and industrial space at reasonable rates. See our Cost of Doing Business page for more details on commercial costs in Rohnert Park.

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SoCo Nexus is a technology incubator located in Sonoma Mountain Village here in Rohnert Park. With a focus on sustainable resources, medical technology, cloud-based technology and manufacturing, this nonprofit organization provides facilities, support and mentoring to the region’s entrepreneurs improving the success rate of start-up businesses focused on sustainable and socially-relevant technologies.